Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mom Enge's new home

This is Mom yesterday, at the entrance to her new place of abode. We had just come from her condo on Estate Circle and loaded up furniture to move to her new assisted living apartment in Pro Health Regency - New Berlin

This is the door to her apartment. It opens off of the dining room. Her new address is: 13750 W. National Avenue, Apt. #1107, New Berlin, WI 53151-4537. I will be calling about transferring her phone tomorrow. Hopefully she can keep the same phone number.

Wayne, Garrett, Blake, Andrea, Austin and I, packed and loaded the things at Mom's condo, and then Estee and Suzanne Baseman (Austin's girlfriend) met us at the new apartment and helped us move the things in and arrange the furniture, etc. It was sort of exciting!

Mom decided to take the twin beds from the guest room instead of her queen size bed. She thought it would be nice if someone was visiting her, that they could have their own bed. This is a picture of Wayne and Blake assembling the bed and attaching the headboard.

The boxes in the corner of the living room will be replaced by the small white desk from the guest room of her condo. The telephone plug is there, so we can put the phone on the desk along with her papers, address book, etc.
There is just a small space on either side of the sink in the little kitchen area, just enough for a roll of paper towels and her small coffee maker. So we had to put the toaster oven on the table.
I haven't worn jeans in a million years (slight exasgeration), but I bought these to work out in and thought that I'd wear them for the move. Haven't worn them to work out in (what's that) - this was the first time. It was really weird. Garrett came up behind me and didn't know who it was :)
This is the dining room where Mom will eat all her meals. This is taken from the door of her apartment. The patio doors lead to a large, beautiful, courtyard.
So what do you think? Looks pretty nice huh. The cost of the rent includes 3 meals a day, 10 loads of laundry a month, dispensing of her medications, changing and laundering her bed linens once a week, and cleaning of her apartment twice a month. There is a switch in her apartment that she has to switch on every morning to tell the front desk that she is up and about and then switch it down every night. If it isn't done, first they call your apartment, and if you don't answer, then they come and check on you. She also has a little gps thingy to wear around her neck. If she gets lost, falls, etc., she just has to push the button and they will come and find her. Well, this is all for tonight. Tomorrow, Monday, Wayne will take her out to Andrea's on his way to work. Then about 2 p.m. Andrea will take Mom to her new place to move in and get oriented. I have to work until 4 p.m., and then I will head out there to see how things are going. Probably will have supper with Mom for her first meal in her new place.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hi Friends and Family, I have no idea how to add to my blog! Sarah started it when I was out in Washington visiting at Easter time, and I haven't added anything to it since. We picked random pictures without knowing what they were, so they were bad too. Now I am trying on my own. Maybe I'm to old for this!! :) But here goes --- Maybe some better pictures.

Thursday, April 12, 2007